Executive Management

Wyatt Johns
Executive Director

Wyatt has over 44 years of experience within youth and adult care services. 

He was the Founder/Operator of Collaborative Community Connections Ltd., Foster Family Relations and Youth Connections Inc.

Management Team

Sarah Andrews
Operations Manager

Sarah has been with Collaborative Community Connections since 2019. She oversees our daily operations and staffing, scheduling, administration and ensures all locations are subscribing to QAM (Quality Assurance Measures). 
Sarah previously worked under our Executive Director within the youth sector and has combined experience of 2 decades within the field. Sarah is very passionate about supporting our young adults assisting them on their journey to success. 

Blair Schriver
Program Coordinator

Blair has been working beside our Executive Director for 35+ years, originally working with the youth sector as a supervisor and managing the school program.
Over the last several years Blair has started mentoring our adult clients, which he finds very rewarding as he helps them build their independent skills such as cooking, money management, employment and more.
Blair is our Crisis Prevention trainer and oversees Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training (CPI) for all of our staff and new team members and ensures all locations are subscribing to QAM Quality Assurance Measures).

Katie McEachern
Independent Support Program Manager

Katie came to Collaborative Community Connections as a youth Worker with 13 years of experience supporting young people with significant emotional and behavioural challenges. Katie assists clients within our Semi-Independent Program. She is adept at relationships, while focusing on enhancing skills pertaining to job search, life skills and emotional health. 

Clar Hayes
Independent Support Program Manager

Clar has extensive experience in providing support to adults with special needs for over 25 years. Clar currently assists with Passport Management and budget preparation. Clar provides direct support to individuals within our Semi-Independent Living Program and offers guidance and mentoring to the staffing team.

Supervising Team

Quin H.

Sean P.

Geeta B.

Kevin S.

Derek L.

Clinical Team

Jennifer Flesher – M.A, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jennifer Felsher is a registered Clinical Psychologist, working with children, adolescents,
and families. She obtained her M.A and Ph.D. at McGill University in 2006.

Dr. Felsher is currently the Coordinator of the Telepsychology Program in the Ontario Tele
Link Mental Health Program at The Hospital for Sick Children.
Dr. Felsher was a trainer with the Sick Kids Centre for Community Mental Health and the
Radius Training Institute. Dr. Felsher has spent her career working with some of the most
vulnerable youth in the province and consulting to agencies to ensure their clinical needs are

Richin Joy MSW, RSW.

Richin is a registered social worker trained in various therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and more. Richin provides 1:1 therapy and check ins with clients to help them talk about their mental health concerns and help clients to have the necessary tools to improve their mental wellness and achieve their goals in life. 

Richin also provides staff consultation to support staff in learning the best techniques to better understand and work from a client centered approach.

Dr. G. Kerry
Forensic Psychologist

Dr. Kerry provides consultation to staff and intervention to clients who are involved with the Criminal Justice system.

J. Miller, M.ED, PSYCH, R.P.

D. Zhou, M.ADS, BCBA.
Behaviour Therapist

C. Anadebe
Consulting Psychiatrist