Transition Program

Our Transition Program is designed to assist with the transition of young adults who have often graduated from a structured group home. The Transitioning Adult will be deemed to need continued support and guidance, and in most cases, it is understood that they have realized a level of growth that has earned them heightened trust. Continued development of the Transitioning Adult will be a major focus and it will require their determination and flexibility as well as adherence to their program to succeed. While setbacks are expected, it is assumed that the Transitioning Adult will be open to the advice of our staff and clinical team in order to accept direction.
This program is a clear move towards independence for these Transitioning Adults’; however, routine remains important to assist the Transitioning Adult to a level where they can accept independence.

Independent Living Program

Our Independent Living Program is designed to assist with the transition of young adults who do not require daily support.
Our team will check in with Transitioning Adults in this program and provide mentorship for their short and long-term goals.
Residents in our Independent Living Program often live apart from our Transition Program.

Program Goals

Continue development of confidence, maturity and independence
Improve life skills including money management, while progressing towards discharge
The development of academic and work-related skills
Continue to develop strong commitment and foresight towards the future
Develop career skills that will be applied towards the future